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  • Yoga Shakti 30A Högbergsgatan Stockholm, Stockholms län, 116 20 Sweden (map)
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For years the advice of letting go would not only terrify me, but it would stir up confusion and anger within me. I thought, well, if I knew how to let something not so tangible go, and I knew that I was ready to and I knew what was on the other side of the release, of course I wouldn’t hold on to something that didn’t serve me. I needed to know I would be safe without it, even if the safety I felt with it was more parasitic than enlivening.

When I began the practice of what I call loosening my grip, I deepened my capacity to breathe and widened my perspective. Instead of holding in and contracting, little by little I welcomed in the idea of softening and expanding. Over time the welcoming came more naturally. At times I even realized that my grip would be so tight I couldn’t even see what I was actually holding on to so securely; the pracitce of loosening my grip and inviting the breath to wrap around it gave me insight into what it even is that I was holding onto — whether it felt bone deep and ancient or recent and barely caressing the skin.

Let’s breathe into the idea that maybe letting go is exactly that, inviting in the breath to help loosen the grip of the hand that holds so protectively to see what it even is that we’re holding on to in the first place. And then maybe, with that witnessing and that freedom created by the airwaves that will move through you, what needs to go will, in time, let go. 

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that allows you to connect with your breath and clear your mind and body of stuck energy. It allows you to feel where your blocks reside and actively move through them, creating a pathway for an emotional detox.

On one hand it activates and stimulates you, on the other it allows you to relax and release tension while liberating limiting beliefs. It can connect you to your innate wisdom while helping you to open your heart to honest self-love, self-healing, and self-acceptance. 



Begins to clear out stuck energy

Strengthens intuition

Calms and grounds the nervous system

Inspires creativity

Invites balance to the energetic body and immune system

Promotes deep relaxation, bliss, and natural sleep patterns

Helps in relieving anxiety, grief and stress

Invites healing for trauma

Supports addiction recovery



DATE : Thursday, October 17

TIME : 19.00 - 21.00

EXCHANGE : 350 :-

LOCATION : Yoga Shakti Slussen, Högbergsgatan 30A, Stockholm

REGISTER : by emailing your name and phone number to, and pay workshop fee to BG: 271-8203 (ref: BW 17 OKT)